Friday, June 25, 2010

More VBS!

We also got to go to VBS on Tuesday night and Wednesday night this week (we missed the last two nights of VBS because of basketball practice and Parker's basketball game). Parker had a lot of fun with the different kids and activities. Wesley would come to the opening and closing because he loved the music and the Gorilla puppet. When Mommy would pick him up for closing he would drop whatever toy he had and run as fast as he could toward the sanctuary for puppet time!

Dancing Boy!

This is Wednesday night in the Discovery Lab. Parker got to help with one of the experiments talking about stars shining their light and he got to pour the water in the beaker.

Our Bible storyteller - the woman at the well.

Recreation. They were picking up beanbags and trying to run them back to their team to sort them into constellation patterns.

And the other game outside was a water relay! Boys won first match; girls won second!

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