Monday, June 14, 2010

Red Band Swimmer

This morning Mommy went to drop Parker off at the YMCA for camp. Only when she walked in the door, she happened to see Miss Sharron from Daddy's church who told her that camp was actually being held around the corner at the Masonic Lodge. She wasn't the only parent in the wrong place and she noticed that all of the other kids had full backpacks with them. Apparently we missed the part in the parent handbook that said he needed a towel, sunscreen and a swimsuit every day as well as snacks. Oh well! While Mommy got him to the right building and went on back to the YMCA for spin class, Daddy put Parker's camp bag together and ran it to him.

The reason he needs the towel, sunscreen and swimsuit is it turns out Parker will be going over to the YMCA for swimming everyday as part of camp. He was thrilled! They swim test the kids every Monday for their skill level and today Parker ended up with a red band. In the words of the counselor who we talked to at pickup: "We put him in the water and he sunk right away." According to Parker, "They put me in the swim lane and I didn't make it very far." So he ended up getting to play in the kiddie pool area that's only a foot deep and has slides and water guns. We had been thinking about signing Parker up for swim lessons this summer, but the lesson are four nights a week for two weeks straight. That's logistically a little hard for us. Thankfully camp is running a special - we can sign up for a week at a time for lessons at a much reduced rate and Parker can take the lessons during the day at his swim time at camp! So that will start next week. At least we know what to pack for tomorrow and wear to drop him off!

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