Wednesday, July 28, 2010

VBS - Galactic Blast - Round Two

So this week in the evenings has been Daddy's Galactic Blast VBS experience at Druid Hills. Setup was last Saturday and the boys went with him and snapped a few pictures. You can tell what fascinated them - Parker first, then Wesley.

For VBS, Daddy has several members of his church volunteering as well as a host of teenagers from Ocala West UMC helping out. There's about ten kids from the Druid Hills church who are thoroughly enjoying their VBS experience. This is Parker and Wesley's class at the Astro Bistro on Monday night.

Opening ceremonies on Tuesday evening. Commander Daryl and Galileo the Gorilla have so much fun together. And there is a second Galileo puppet this week that Wesley has adopted as his own personal puppet and drags around. During the opening ceremony on this night he used Galileo for a pillow on the altar area at one point!

Parker and Wesley's class making praise tambourines at Arts and Crafts. Do you see how many personal assistants Wesley has to make his craft? 3!!!! This kid will seriously be missing his entourage when VBS is over.

The big kids making praise supernovas at Arts and Crafts. That Miss Eunice on the right.

Looking forward to more fun for the rest of this week!

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