Saturday, August 14, 2010

Siesta Key Beach - Days Seven and Eight

Our last full day at the beach was a gorgeous one. This was the view we woke up to from our back porch - wasn't it beautiful?

The boys spent a lot of time floating out on the rafts. The waves weren't as bad as the day before. There were more sandcastles for Parker and Wesley devoted his time to jumping the waves as they broke on shore. He also took some time to chill out with Daddy in the beach chairs.

After our stint at the pool and lunch, Wesley and Mommy both took naps. In fact Wesley was so sleepy he crashed out while sitting on the couch eating an ice cream sandwich. When we woke up, Parker was minus another front tooth! It was so loose that it had been affecting Parker's eating the past couple of days and so Daddy worked on it a bit with the floss and it came out. We offered the choice of sending an email to the Tooth Fairy so she could come to the beach or waiting until we got home. Parker opted to wait for home and his special tooth pillow. For dinner we ended up back at Daiquiri Deck with the same table and waitress as the night before. And then the big finale - ice cream at Big Olaf's in the Village. This stuff is great and the place is packed every night. Mommy had a sugar cone with chocolate brownie, Daddy had a chocolate waffle cone with chocolate chip, Parker had a chocolate/sprinkle waffle cone with strawberry and Wesley wanted a regular cone with mint chip.

We were mostly packed up after the boys went to bed and so when we got up this morning it didn't take much to get ready for Daddy to load up the van. We made a few stops as we headed north - the outlet shops at Ellenton and some birthday shopping for Grannie and Aunt Dawn. We also made a stop in Brandon to meet Uncle Sam and Aunt Jani for lunch at the Ale House. Sam is back stateside for training in Orlando this week for his new job in Germany. Since we couldn't make his wedding this summer overseas, we were thrilled for the chance to spend some time with him.

Wesley thought that the jalapenos were pickles - boy was he surprised!!!!!

Some gentleman came over to our table during lunch and brought the boys several balloon creations. Uncle Sam is modeling a hat with a big Ray on top. Wesley is showing off the green dragon hat and Parker is holding a baseball player complete with bat.

We finished up the day at Grandmommy and Granddaddy's and celebrated birthdays at dinner. We ended up getting back into Ocala at 8pm. Daddy unloaded the car and we unpacked a bit before getting ready for tomorrow and calling it a day. It was a wonderful week of vacation and we are so thankful for the time we spent together.

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