Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Siesta Key Beach - Days Three and Four

Our days are pretty similar and relaxed and we are definitely enjoying that. Get up, get breakfast, sunscreen up the munchkins, head down to the beach. Sit on the shore, play with the toys, float around in the water. Head up to the pool to hang out for a while, then showers and lunch. While it rains outside in the afternoon as it has every single day, we play some Wii in the apartment, watch a little TV, take a snooze, and later head out somewhere for dinner. Last night we ate at Cheeburger Cheeburger. The boys loved it because their dinners came in cardboard classic cars and Wesley really enjoyed his fried mac 'n cheese.

Today we actually didn't get up until after 10am! :-) We did our normal routine and when we ended up at the pool, we were the only ones there. Parker took full advantage in showing off his swimming skills as well as his jumps. Wesley practiced his jumping too – from the edge to the top step! We had a late dinner this evening and ended up at Ale House because it was "Kids Eat Free" night.

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