Monday, August 2, 2010

VBS - Closing Ceremonies

The Astro Bistro was serving up more good food at the end of VBS this week. The first picture is snack from Thursday and the next one is the family dinner on Friday evening, complete with Red Rocket Missiles (meatball subs), Moon Chips (tortilla chips) and punch.

After dinner on Friday, everyone went over to the sanctuary for closing ceremonies. Commander Daryl and Galileo led the fun and all the kids who could read had speaking parts too. Plus the kids had fun singing and dancing.

Here's all the kids and the volunteers from Druid Hills.

And here's the Druid Hills gang along with the youth group volunteers and leaders from Ocala West who helped out.
And of course afterwards, everyone was working hard on taking things down and putting things away - including Mr. Wesley pushing his favorite yellow cart.

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