Thursday, September 2, 2010

The First Grader

Parker.....the first grader. Doesn't seem possible to us and yet here he is. Tomorrow he will finish out his second week of school. He is loving the new buildings on campus and is particularly in love with the new cafeteria. It has tables with attached benches instead of chairs and he loves not having to push his chair in when he's done eating! He has homework four nights a week and instead of last year's one assignment, Parker has two assignments each night. One always involves his ten spelling words - write them 3x, write them in alphabetical order, write them each in a sentence, practice spelling for the test. The other worksheet always involves math. They are working on addition and subtraction.

Tonight while Mommy went to a Finance meeting at church, Daddy and Parker went to signup for fall T-ball through the City of Ocala again. Practice starts the week of September 20 and the first game is October 2. Then they went to Parker's school cafeteria to a Cub Scout Rally to sign up for scouting. Parker will be in Pack 112 which meets at Daddy's church on Monday nights starting September 13. Tonight he got his Tiger Cub Handbook and a Boys' Life magazine. Parker was especially excited to realize that he will have some friends from his kindergarten class with him - Jaden and Garrett.

So that means that Mr. Parker's schedule is as follows: Church on Sundays with Sunday school and children's choir; Cub Scouts on Monday nights; T-ball practice on Tuesday nights; Kids' Club on Wednesday nights; T-ball on Saturday mornings; and bowling on Saturday afternoons. If anyone would like to apply to be his personal chaffeur, just let us know!

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