Monday, September 27, 2010

No School Monday

Today was a "no school" day for Mr. Parker. Mommy worked from home in the morning while Daddy was in the office. Mr. Parker's morning project was to make a sign to keep his brother out of the one drawer in his dresser where he keeps his silly bands. While Mommy pointed out that Wesley can't read the sign, Parker diligently worked on making this masterpiece.

In case you can't read it, the sign says "Stay out of my drawer please Wesley. Thank you."

Midmorning we picked Daddy up and drove him to his RIM meeting at Newberry UMC (outside Gainesville). After dropping Daddy off, Mommy and Parker headed into Gainesville to meet up with one of our babysitters, Miss Alicia, who is now a freshman at UF. She suggested a place called McAllister's Deli, which was really quite good. The rain unleashed while we were at lunch and at one point the lights went off for a brief second, but thankfully by the time we headed back to the car it had pretty much stopped. Miss Alicia left us to head off to her forensic anthropology class as we went back to pick up Daddy. Later she texted us to say that class had been cancelled because the lights were out on campus from the storm.

After picking up Daddy, it was back into Gainesville to a place called Scrubs by Design. They are authorized to sell Cub Scout uniforms since our council store is actually way up in Jacksonville. They were out of the uniform shirts in his size and a few of the patches he needed, but they had everything else: hat, neckerchief, neckerchief slide, belt and council patch. So we picked that up and headed home to get the little guy from daycare.

Parker had an evening project as well. He decided that he wanted to make dinner for the family - tacos. With a little help from Mommy, he defrosted the meat and browned it, warmed up the tortillas, opened up the can of refried beans and warmed them up. Parker also cut up the tomatoes and tore the lettuce, then set the table completely with all the placesettings and ingredients. Here he is showing off one of his tacos - he says it tastes better when you make it yourself! (We've got news for him - by the time you reach your 30s it tastes better when someone else cooks and cleans for you!).

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