Saturday, September 25, 2010


The day started off well. Daddy got out with the boys and started putting in the new sprinkler system into the flowerbed and also the plants. Mommy made a quick trip to the grocery store and made it back before Grandma arrived. Grandma had a whole bunch of stuff in her minivan for Mommy's church yard sale, so we headed down to unload that in the fellowship hall. We took the boys with us so Daddy could have some peace and quiet to work and by the time we got back he had all the plants done and almost all the sprinkler set up. We just need some more weed mat and another sprinkler head before Daddy can finish up, spread out the pine bark we have and see how much more we might need. Our plan is to move the red geraniums from the planter box and put them around one of the trees in the front yard.

We went to Quizno's for lunch (thanks Grandma!) and then headed to the bowling alley for Parker's first day of his new league. Parker has been asking about bowling for a while now and was so excited to put his bowling ball in Daddy's bowling bag and get going. There was supposed to be an organizational meeting at 2pm and then he could bowl his two games. Except.....none of the other 15 people who had signed up for the league showed up! The lady at the counter couldn't understand - she had one of her employees call everyone this week and ask if they were coming and they said yes. Only Mommy never got a call, so now they aren't sure if the others were called or not. But since we showed up, they set up Parker on a lane, along with Wesley, and gave us two free games of bowling. The boys had a blast - Wesley was so excited to finally be able to play with his Bubba, that he didn't care if the ball hit anything - it was just enough to be able to throw the ball down the lane. We had some interesting times to be sure. Balls that went backwards out of hands into the seating are and one ball of Wesley's that went so slow that it stopped halfway down the lane!

First Game Score!Four frames into the second game, Wesley pooped out. He had bowled a 30 and let Bubba finish his game as well -- which he did and Parker ended up tying his own game as well.

Afterwards, Grandma went with us to a couple of furniture stores (we're looking for a bigger dining room table), then to the library since the boys were begging to get some new books. When we got home, Grandma took off for Seffner, and the rest of us headed in to crash on the couch!

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