Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Spooktacular - Part Two

Following the Shamu show we headed to the main section of the park where all the Halloween festivities were - by Bayside Stadium (old ski show venue) and Ports of Call (the special events complex). One of the neat things they had for kids to do was cookie decorating. You bought a kit for $5 and it came with a giant pumpkin shaped sugar cookie in a decorated plastic lunchbox and a juicebox to drink. There was orange icing to put on the cookie as well as gummy worms, sprinkles, candy corn, sweet-tarts and other candies to decorate the cookie with. The boys worked together to decorated the cookie and then ate it all up!

The view from the top of Bayside Stadium. They had set up a maze out on the dock called Abby Cadabby's Maze (from Sesame Street) and you had to help her find her magic wand.

Some more of the colorful characters around the park.

Another trick or treat station.

When we were done collecting all the candy we could find, we headed off to catch the Sesame Street show in Seaport Theater (shares space with the cats and dogs show). When Sea World was bought by its latest owners, they added a lot of Sesame Street things to the park which seem to be a hit with the kiddos. The Countdown to Halloween show was cute and included a lot of singing and dancing to songs like "Monster Mash" and "Purple People Eater"!

From there we took a ride on the Sky Tower (with our passes we can ride free!) and headed off to visit the animals. Sharks were first on the list followed by penguins, sea lions, alligators, manatees, dolphins and the stingrays.

About 5:00pm it started to get a little cool. We had brought the boys' Halloween costumes with us and many of the kids had been in costume throughout the day. The boys asked to be changed into their costumes, so Mommy obliged. Not fifteen minutes later as we were stopped at the DJ zone in the Wild Arctic area, Mommy realized Wesley had fallen asleep sitting up!

It didn't last long. Five minutes later he was up again! While they liked the music, Buzz and Woody refused to dance. So we went back to Shamu's Happy Harbor to play some more.

On the Jazzy Jellies - a ride with teacups that go around in circles and then go up in the air.

We did the Fiddler Crab ride that does a big drop - Wesley's absolute favorite! And then we headed to the Swishie Fishies. This was the very first ride Parker had ever ridden at Sea World when he was Wesley's age. This time he was big enough to ride in one of the teacups all by himself, while Wesley rode with Mommy.

On the big climbing boat inside the Harbor. All those nets in the background are what Parker loves most at the park and climbs so fearlessly by himself.
Time out for some pictures with the Shamu models.

On the big boy slides!

The boys also got to play Frog Bog - one of the games on the Midway. We had received several free play passes to this game throughout the day from the different trick or treat stations. They each got three turns but no luck on prizes, although Parker came very close.

By this time it was 6:45pm and we headed back into Shamu Stadium for the last show of the day - Shamu Rocks! - which starts at 7:15pm. Daddy met up with us in the stadium just five minutes before the show got started which was super great timing! One of the last songs they played before the show got going was "Rock And Roll All Nite" and finally our big boy decided to cut loose and do some dancing as you can see in this video!

The little guy made it until about 5 minutes from the end of the Shamu show before all of the day's activities caught up to him and he conked out on Daddy's lap! He was so upset to wake up and find that he had missed the end of the show. He fell asleep in the stroller again on the way to return it and Daddy carried one very sleepy boy out to the car for the ride home!

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