Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Trunk N Treat - Toy Story Style

Tonight was BUMC's 2nd Annual Trunk N Treat as part of the Fall Festival. We had twenty cars participating this year with such unique and creative themes! We had invited kids from the church as well as Belleview Elementary. Not sure on how many kids were there but we handed out approximately 227 pounds of candy in 90 minutes tonight!

Our theme was Toy Story. We decorated the van up as Andy's Room and had Toy Story 2 playing on the movie screens. Each of us was dressed up as one of the characters from the movie: Parker as Sheriff Woody, Wesley as Buzz Lightyear and Mommy and Daddy as Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head. We got lots of looks and smiles and compliments on our theme this year. It seemed to be a hit with adults and kids of all ages. Especially our Potato Head pumpkins!

Here's Parker at the car next to us getting candy. Hiding behind the sheet was Miss Robin. When the hand moved, Parker jumped back about two feet. Wesley wouldn't go near her until she showed her face through the curtain!

Uncle Charles and Aunt Eunice came down to check out Trunk N Treat and our costumes. They were so sweet to take the boys around to all the cars to Trick or Treat.

Here's some of the other creative themes and decorations!

There were all kinds of carnival games inside the Fellowship Hall. We were pretty busy handing out candy so Mommy and Daddy didn't really get to check everything out this year. But the boys did get a chance to go inside and play some of the games. They also made sure to check out the dunk tank with Mr. Jason inside. Parker knocked him in the water on his last pitch!

Wesley needed a little help with throwing from Mr. Chris but he still couldn't quite hit the target. So a very gracious Mr. Jason dunked himself and Wesley was thrilled.
We had such a great time this year again! We ended up with some leftover candy (about 25 pounds) to be dropped off tomorrow at Belleview Elementary for their Halloween party. After we packed it all up and changed our clothes back, we headed into town for some ice cream at Bruster's before crashing at home!

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