Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Big Boy in Training

Yesterday Wesley was switched back from his 2 year old room at Carousel to the 3 year old room. The 3 year old room has two teachers: Miss Esther and Miss Joy. We know Miss Esther very well because she was previously one of Wesley's teachers at First Ocala and Miss Joy seems to be very nice. Miss Joy is a certified VPK teacher and together the teachers are doing a modified kind of VPK to help get the kids ready for next year.

Miss Esther also has a wonderful reputation for being able to work on potty training. Yesterday at pickup she encouraged us to start sending Wesley to school in cotton training pants (not pullups) and to send along several extra changes of clothes. She thinks he just needs a little encouragement to make the switch complete. We are thrilled that Miss Esther wants to work with us and encourage Wesley in this department and we sent him off in trainers today to school. It would be a super duper Happy Birthday present to Mommy and Daddy to have Wesley potty-trained by his birthday later this month!

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