Tuesday, November 23, 2010

"Scub" Scouts

Monday night was time for Cub Scouts again. Wesley loves Scouts almost as much as Parker does, except he calls it "Scub Scouts." No matter how much we work with him on saying the name it always seems to come out that way!

When Cub Scouts meets, everyone from all the different age levels (including parents) starts off in one big room together. The boys line up according to their dens and recite the pledge of allegiance and the Cub Scout Oath. After announcements by the Cubmaster, everyone is dismissed to their individual rooms for their den meetings. There are about 10 boys in the Tiger Den - all first graders - led by Ms. Kelsey. At least one parent is required to stay for the Tiger Den meetings and usually there are a couple of younger siblings hanging out too.

Last night the Tigers were finishing up their physical fitness belt loop in anticipation of next week's Pack meeting (the last meeting of the month where all the awards are handed out). Miss Amber came back to visit and had the boys explain the posters they had made about the food pyramid and "saying no to drugs/alcohol." Parker was the only boy from his poster group who was present at the den meeting last night and he bravely got up and explained both sides of his poster to the rest of the den. Then they went outside to do some stretching, situps, pushups and timed running drills. Parker was the fastest Tiger in both timed drills, by a full second. Everyone was very surprised at how fast he runs! His t-ball coaches have often remarked about how speedy he is when running the bases or going after a ball in the outfield. (Perhaps we have another track star in the family?)

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Run! Parker Run!