Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Financial Peace

In April of 2009 we started the Dave Ramsey class called "Financial Peace University" at Faith Church in Hudson. It's been extremely helpful for us in putting our finances in order after years of having lived on only one salary. Our journey with Ramsey's FPU was one of the contributing factors to both Mommy and Daddy using the "Enough" curriculum from Adam Hamilton for this year's stewardship campaign, and Mommy shared part of our family testimony about our experiences in this sermon.

We are very happy to report that last week we finished our "Debt Snowball" plan and paid off the Malibu early!!! We haven't called in the Dave Ramsey show yet, but we are debt-free now. It is a wonderful feeling. We are so thankful that we can walk in 2011 and turn our attention from paying off school loans, car payments and credit cards and now concentrate on simplicity, saving/investing for the future and generosity.

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