Friday, December 10, 2010

Frosty Festival

Tonight was the big Frosty Festival for South Ocala Elementary at Brick City Park. We went last year (it was moved to January because of weather) and froze while trying to enjoy the games and events. Thankfully this evening was a little warmer!

The boys had fun doing the ring toss. Parker won a 2 liter of cherry cola with his very first toss. Wesley didn't get any of the rings on the drinks, but he was very happy with his consolation prize of a peppermint candy.

At the next game they chose, the boys did a bean bag toss with a polar bear cutout. Parker was "oh so close" but not quite able to make it in. Wesley however, nailed 2 out of three through the polar bear's mouth! And they both got candy for their efforts. The other game the boys chose to do was the Penguin Push, involving little penguin statues and a shuffleboard stick. They both got little penguin bouncy balls as their prizes.

We finished up the evening in the "snow." First up was the slide. Wesley opted just to watch while Bubba sledded down.......In the video you can see that Parker gets spun around near the end - he was so surprised by that and kept talking about it afterwards.

And last but not least was the free play area. Just before the boys went inside, they laid down more "snow" as seen in the video:

Wesley wasn't exactly into the whole snow thing this year - he tried playing in it with his hands and got super cold. This is when he came over to get Daddy to warm him up!

Mostly he just ended walking around on it and checking things out. Parker grabbed some of the little sleds and tried to zip in and out of people.

We walked home again after all that fun (thankfully it's only 1/2 a mile) and grabbed dinner before settling the boys in for movie night with "The Polar Express."

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