Monday, December 13, 2010

Manic Monday

Friday we got a note home in Parker's folder talking about a holiday concert at school on Monday night that all the first grade classes were supposed to be at in order to sing. So tonight we were all in the South Ocala Elementary cafeteria by 5:45pm for the concert. The first graders sang the first two songs of the evening: Dreidel and a song about Santa Claus. Parker looked super handsome in his dressy holiday clothes and he was right in the center of the first row singing along.

The majority of the program was performed by the Singing Yellow Jackets - a group of about 40 fourth and fifth graders who sing at all kinds of special events. They did a very nice holiday program. Then at the very end the first graders joined them again for the last two songs: Jingle Bells and Santa Claus Rocks.

After the concert was over, we headed in the car over to Daddy's church and found Parker a place to change into his Cub Scout uniform for his weekly den meeting. Tonight they were talking all about maps - they poured over the atlas, looked at a map of Florida, then of Marion County and finally Ocala. The rest of the time they spent creating their own maps of what was important to them and before they left each boy stood up and shared his map with the others.

Here's the front of Parker's map:

Parker got done before everyone was done, so he decided to create another map for fun on the back - this one is of the North Pole!!!!

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