Wednesday, December 15, 2010

That Elf Is A Big Pain in the You Know What

So it really sounds like a nice idea to have an "Elf on a Shelf." The boys love it and make a game out of finding the elf's new hiding place each day. But as a parent you really have to stay on top of your game where the elf is concerned. Last week during the weekdays, Mommy had been moving the little guy in the morning before getting the boys up. But Saturday morning was a different story. The boys got up first and found ***gasp*** that Noah was in exactly the same spot as the night before. They promised that they had not touched him for him to lose his magic. We had to do some quick thinking and blamed it on the cats - Mary or Joe must have brushed up against Noah and caused him to lose his magic. We meant to move the elf on Saturday night but again forgot before we went to bed and the boys woke up first again on Sunday morning. Noah was still in the same place. So that night before he went to bed, Parker decided that he would write a note to Santa Claus and he left it next to Noah. The note read:

Dear Santa Claus at the North Pole,

Noah has not moved in three days. We are very sorry if we did something wrong. Could you please let him come back to the North Pole tonight?

Thank you
Daryl, Debbie, Parker and Wesley

We are very happy to report that on Monday morning the note was gone and Noah was in a new spot - Daddy's Christmas stocking on the mantel. And Tuesday morning Noah was in another new spot - the Christmas card holder. Nothing like a huge guilt trip from your six year old to make sure you move that elf every night before you go to bed!!!!!!

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