Friday, December 3, 2010


Mommy has a pastor friend she went to seminary with who serves a new church start in Texas called "WordServe." Several times a year they forego having worship in their sanctuary on Sundays to spend the morning out in various service projects within their community - connecting the Word to the Service that naturally outflows as a response to God's grace.

Yesterday Mommy and Daddy had a chance to participate in a kind of WordServe activity of our own. One of the clergy couples in our four-couple monthly, dinner group has been experiencing a lot of health problems lately - the wife is laid up on bedrest for her second pregnancy and the husband was hospitalized over the past weekend with heart problems. Over the last two months of her bedrest, they haven't been able to put together the nursery for their new little girl. So today the other three couples descended upon their house and went to work. In the span of 5.5 hours our group managed to: 1) dismantle the guest room; 2) disassemble a computer desk and move a filing cabinet; 3) paint the walls of a white room to make them "Spring Meadow"; 4) setup the furniture in the new nursery including assembling a crib; 5) put together all of the crib bedding; 6) hang a curtain rod and tieback hooks and put up the curtains; 7) decorate a lampshade in ladybugs; 8) decorate the living room tree with lights; 9) decorate the family room tree with lights, beads, ornaments and tinsel; 10) help tidy up a bit; 11) eat lunch; and 12) make each other laugh till our sides hurt!

As happens with any time that you give to serve others, we were blessed in the process of being a blessing today. So thankful to have been able to share this special time with the Holdens, Sanders and Johnsons.

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