Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Christmas Vacation - EPCOT

Tuesday we hit EPCOT. This is Parker's favorite park. Because the crowds were predicted to be so large in the parks this week, Mommy used a phone app called "Touring Plans" to help plan our way around. We used their one day Holiday Touring Plan for Parents of Small Children to guide our day. It provides step by step directions of what rides to go to in what order and when to pick up fastpasses. We used it for Future World and shaved 2.5 hours off our time from our March trip. This gave us a lot more time to explore all of the holiday storytellers in the World Showcase.

Holiday Decor'

In the line for Soarin' the first time.... Daddy's showing off his new convertible pants/shorts. These came in handy this week in the parks with the temperature swings.

Living with the Land boat ride. The boys love this!!

Living Seas with Nemo

As we were getting on Soarin' the second time, Wesley was crying because he thought the golf ball hit him the first time (as you go over this golf course, it comes right at you). Two cast members talked to him to get him happy and one promised him a treat if he made it through the ride without crying. Wesley did great and when we got off the ride, Bob the cast member met us with this certificate. It was good for two free ice cream bars in the park (because Bob realized you can't give little brother one without something for the big brother!) A great Magic moment in the park.

Playing around in Figment's house.

Playing Power City on the floor after Spaceship Earth.

Gospel singers performing in Future World.

World Showcase tree (love the big angel on top holding the globe). The tree is decorated with ornaments showing all the country flags and saying "Happy Holidays" in the different languages.

Hanging out in the town square in the United Kingdom. We came back here and had fish and chips later for dinner!

The holiday storyteller in France - Pere Noel. He was by far the best one we saw.

The holiday storyteller in Morocco explained about the Muslim holiday of Ramadan.

Looking back into Future World.

The holiday storyteller in Japan. You are supposed to write your New Year's wish in the left eye of the little doll head and then in the right eye if it comes true.

We didn't stay for the entire Candlelight Processional concert, but we watched everyone process in and heard a couple of songs and narrations. Blair Underwood was the night's narrator, reading the Christmas story from Scripture.

In front of the tree in the USA.

The holiday storyteller in Italy.

And the runner-up for best storyteller went to the Monkey King in China. Not really a holiday story but all of his jumping around really captured the boys' attention.

We finally headed back into Future World, catching the tree in the middle all lit up again.

Then it was one last ride on Living with the Land - we saw these cool gingerbread houses in the corner of the building. By night some of the food along the cruise had been decorated for the holidays also.

Wesley wanted Mommy to try on this princess hat and he took her picture.

We stopped to let the boys' pick their ice cream treat. They chose huge fruit pops (valued at $3.50 a piece) and really enjoyed every bit!

A little bit tired......We had been in the park for 12 hours at this point, since 8:30am. So we cut out before the fireworks show and headed back for some rest.

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