Saturday, February 19, 2011

Field Trip to the MRMC

Last Thursday, the first grade classes from South Ocala went on a field trip to Munroe Regional Medical Center and Mommy went along as a chaperone for Parker's class. Rather than in the hospital itself, we met in the conference/educational building and were led in two different seminars by auxiliary volunteers. Parker's class started off with the clowns who did magic tricks, and also talked about bike safety, stranger danger, and fire safety. The kids also got a snack over here - cookies and juice.

This was the "Stop Drop and Roll" song. Notice Parker laying on the floor in front of the "firemen"? That's because his job was to roll on the floor every time the kids sang the word "Roll."

The second seminar we visited was called "Pediatric Orientation." The idea was a pretend trip to the ER for a broken arm and going through the process of being admitted, examined, x-rayed, operated on, staying overnight and being released. They used kids as volunteers for everything and even dressed them up. That way if a kid ends up in the hospital they hopefully will not be as scared or nervous about all of the different things that happen. The kids really seemed to enjoy it!
The kids came home with all kinds of goodies to remember their trip - a mask, a cap, stickers, even a coloring book and crayons.

Parker's class with his teacher Miss Leveritt.
On the bus sitting with his friend Naomi - half the fun of field trips is getting to ride the bus and sit with your friends!

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