Monday, February 14, 2011

Scout Sunday

Yesterday was Scout Sunday at both Mommy and Daddy's churches. Parker's Cub Scout pack participated in worship at Daddy's church along with the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts. Parker represented the Cubs well as he read the second Scripture lesson for worship.

Daddy wore his Scout shirt and sash to church too. Here's our guys in their uniforms.

This picture was taken at Daddy's church when we met up after worship. Mommy had worn her uniform to worship at Belleview too!

Scout Sunday is a big deal in our house. It was on a Scout Sunday back in 1989 that Mommy and Daddy preached their very first sermons at the First United Methodist Church of Seffner. Daddy had been chosen to represent the Boy Scouts and Mommy had been chosen to represent the Girl Scouts. Who would have thought things would have turned out like this?

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