Sunday, March 13, 2011

Spring Break - Orlando - Day One

For spring break this year we have headed back to Orlando. We researched online and found this condo at Fantasy World Resort in Kissimmee a couple of months ago. So we were relieved to check in on Saturday and find that the unit was just as nice as the pictures. All the units here are two-story with two bedrooms and a bath upstairs, and a living room, dining room, kitchen and bath on the ground floor.

After unloading the car and unpacking, we set out to explore a little bit. There are currently two pools here (the bigger pool and lazy river are under construction and set to be finished this summer). As you leave our unit, there are tennis courts and a pool just around the corner to the right, and another heated pool across the parking lot to our left.

We decided to drive over to Downtown Disney and get our Florida Resident Disney passes - this will be our big adventure this week. Downtown Disney was PACKED but the boys still managed to have fun. The Lego store is being remodeled but they set up an enormous tent with some product and statues. The boys loved the Sheriff Woody made of legos.

Then they wanted to explore the "Once Upon a Toy" store. Wesley was completely thrilled to be at Disney and wanted his picture taken in front of the Toy Story statues just outside the store.

Inside there were these tables set up where you could have fun putting together all kinds of Mr. and Mrs. Potato Heads. They had special parts to go along with Disney characters and Star Wars movies.

They had a deal where you could get all the potato head parts you could shove in a box for $19.95. So Daddy got creative.......

That's a Buzz Lightyear outfit (2 pieces) a Darth Vader outfit (5 pieces), a Star Wars Stormtrooper costume (5 pieces), 2 sets of Mickey Mouse ears, a Mickey Mouse, plus two sets of eyes, two tongues and a mouth - 20 pieces. The cashier was impressed because in order for it to count the box had to close and we were able to do it!

This picture above shows the other two pieces we brought home as well. We had to pay an additional $2.45 for the potato head body (we have one at home and now the boys can each have one) and the Flying Dumbo was free with any box purchase. Good job Daddy!

We made a stop at Wal-Mart on the way back to the condo to get a few items and then swung through Taco Bell behind our condo for a late dinner. The boys were super excited about having a TV in their bedroom and even managed to go to sleep in their separate twin beds. All in all, a good start to getting away and having fun together as a family!

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