Sunday, May 8, 2011


No it's not an adjective for one of our children. It's the diet that Wesley has been living on for the last few days. B.R.A.T. - stands for Bananas, Rice, Applesauce and Toast. And the only thing he was supposed to drink was Gatorade.

This is what Dr. Siddiqui told us to do with Wesley when we took him into the doctor's office on Thursday morning. Because he threw up again on Wednesday night - this time in bed as he woke up from a dead sleep, poor thing. Then a few hours later he started having trouble with diarrhea. The doctor suspected it was a stomach bug but that we had not gone the bland food route long enough after his first session of throwing up on Sunday. So by reintroducing "real" and heavier foods before his tummy was ready, we kept heading back to square one.

The first stage of this diet on Thursday was small portions of Gatorade only until 2pm. The problem? Wesley was starving and couldn't understand why we would not feed him. From the time we got home at 10:00am until about 11:30am, he laid on the floor and cried inconsolably. We finally had to put him in the car and drive around Ocala for 20 minutes until he fell asleep. Then we drove around for another 10 minutes to make sure he was good and out before we headed home and put him to bed. Thankfully he slept past the 2:00pm mark so when he woke up we could start feeding him!!

We were strict with the diet all day Thursday and all day Friday, keeping him home from daycare so we could monitor him. And today we were able to slowly reintroduce real food to him and he was so happy! We are even more thrilled that he hasn't thrown up again.

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