Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day

Today we had a very nice and relaxing day here in Ocala. First we went to Wild Waters - this is the water park attached to Silver Springs.

Parker was the only one in our family who had been here before - with the YMCA camp last summer. We had hoped to get season passes last summer, but with Mommy's surgery it just didn't work out. Fortunately, we were able to get season passes for this year. Below is a map of the park, just click to enlarge.

The boys' favorite parts of the day were the Kids Cove and the Wave Pool. We spent the overwhelming majority of our time split between these two places. We did manage to work in some of the other rides as well though. Daddy and Parker rode Alligator Ambush together. Then Mommy and Daddy took turns sitting with the boys to ride some of the other rides. Daddy did the Hurricane and Bunyan's Bend, while Mommy did the Hurricane, Osceola's Revenge and and the Silver Bullet. The Silver Bullet wasn't so speedy today - it didn't seem to have enough water running on it and Mommy (along with several other people) came to a screeching halt and had to push herself down. But really it turned out to be a very nice and relaxing day. The crowds weren't bad and the lines weren't too long. We are looking forward to coming back quite often this summer. What makes Wild Waters so nice for us is the fact that it's five miles from the house. So we can sneak over for a couple hours here and there and if the boys get tired or the weather changes we can just come home.

We skipped lunch in the park and finally packed up/changed clothes about 3:30pm and headed out. We took the boys to Stevi B's for dinner. Afterwards, we hung around and let the boys get tokens and have fun in the gameroom. Parker earned 306 tickets and Wesley earned 331. They were so very happy to shop in the little store there! Parker came home with a plastic samurai sword, and a couple of other little things and Wesley came home with a little plastic gun that shoots ping pong balls. That was plenty of entertainment for the rest of the night!

Now we're working on getting ready to attend Annual Conference........

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