Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Senior Projects

Monday and Tuesday nights Mommy spent at Belleview High School with several of the ladies from Daddy's church judging Senior Project Presentations. Each senior is required to do a year long project and make a final presentation as the bulk of their English grade for the year. Local community members and business leaders come in and volunteer their time to serve as judges and grade the presentations. This is the second year that Mommy has gotten this opportunity.

On Monday night she was on a team of 3 judges who watched presentations about domestic violence, crocheting, football, choreography and scuba diving. Very diverse stuff! The young lady who did domestic violence had been a victim herself and held a fundraising drive for the local shelter. The young lady who learned how to crochet made two blankets and a scarf. The young man who was a defensive end on the football team researched what it takes to make it into the NFL and showed us the highlight tape he had made to send to college recruiters. The young lady who did choreography had been a dancer for several years and developed a dance routine and taught it to a beginning dance class. Finally the young man who had previously known how to snorkel talked about the certification class he took to learn how to scuba dive and showed pictures of some of his dives.

On Tuesday night, Mommy was the head judge on a team of four judges who listened to presentations on teen obesity, party planning, witnessing and building a guitar. One of the other judges on her team was the priest from Christ the King Anglican church in Ocala (where our good photographer friend Cindi with an Eye attends). We had fun listening to the inspiring young lady who put herself on a diet and exercise program and lost 28lbs in 12 weeks! Then we heard from a young man who had organized a Valentine's Day party at the school as a fundraiser for the American Heart Association. Next up was definitely our most unique presentation - a young lady studying to be a missionary in the Jehovah Witnesses who had plenty of reading material to hand out to everyone. Finally we had a young man who plays guitar in a band who built a brand new guitar from a kit.

It's so much fun to go and listen and to see what the enthusiasm and passion that these teenagers have and what they have invested so much of their time into during their senior year. The added bonus is that Chef Nine and all the kids from the culinary department whip up some amazing food and serve us a full dinner before judging and then some yummy desserts while we're tallying up all our scores!

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