Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Spoke To Soon

Perhaps we jinxed ourselves calling Wesley a character the other day on this blog. Because he has sure tried to live up to that in the last forty eight hours. It started on Sunday afternoon, when he starting throwing up everywhere. This continued on for a while and we cleaned and cleaned the boy and the house. Wesley stayed home with Mommy and Daddy on Monday and everyone ended up catching at least one much needed nap. He seemed to be ok and even managed to eat some food and keep it down for dinner. Tuesday he was doing really well and went back to daycare. He ate breakfast and lunch. Just as we were headed out the door to get dinner last night, Wesley did it again. We think he choked on one of the gummy worms he brought home from daycare as a reward. So we stayed home and cleaned some more. Fortunately today has been better. Just praying now it stays that way!

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