Thursday, June 9, 2011

End of First Grade

Wednesday was the last day of first grade! In this last week of school we have received tons of graded classwork back as well as workbooks from throughout the year. The most important things we received at home were:
1) Final Report Card - He had all E's for academics and behavior with the exception of S's from the coach for PE (this guy hasn't given out anything than an S all year for PE though). Parker also had two very nice comments on his report card. From the art teacher: "Consistently good worker. Actively engaged student." And from his main first grade teacher: "It has been my pleasure having you in class with me. I am so proud of you and wish you the best of luck!" (She also sent us a handwritten note home thanking Mommy and Daddy for their help in the classroom this year).
2) DVD's - We received two DVDs from his enrichment classes in which they worked on videos and powerpoint. We are trying to figure out a way to import some of that here for you to see. Included on the one DVD is the award winning video from the district Media Festival! We sat down and watched them as a family and Parker was so excited to show us the things he had helped create.
3) Summer Homework Packet - We received a packet of about 20 pages dealing mainly with maintaining reading skills and paragraph writing that will need to be completed and sent back for second grade. Holy cow there is a lot in there!
To start the celebration for the end of school, we let the boys have an extra Movie Night on Wednesday. And we will be taking Parker soon to get his reward for a great year!

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