Sunday, June 19, 2011

First Games of the Season

Parker and Wesley had their very first basketball games last Friday night. Wesley's was at 5:15pm and Parker's was at 8pm - so we ended up going for dinner at McDonald's in-between and letting them play in the playplace for a while!

One of the things we love about playing at the Y, is the boys all get introduced and get to run out to center court with everyone applauding. And then all the team members and the coaches gather together while the referee leads them in prayer. Then at the end of the game, everyone goes through the line and gives high fives.

Wesley loved basketball! He is #5 on the Huskies team. He was the first kid to get to dribble down the court and he made a basket right off! He ended up getting another one before the game was over. It was definitely a lot of fun to watch all the kids play - trying to dribble, remember which basket to go towards, put their arms up for defense.

Parker picked the #4 jersey for the Celtics. He remembered exactly what to do. And he scored a basket right at the beginning of the game as well! Lots of action in this age group and Parker ran his heart out going up and down the court.

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