Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Boys of Summer

Parker had a field trip this week to Wild Waters with the YMCA. He decided to brave the Hurricane ride with his friends and had a blast. Going back now is all he can talk about! He also is on the verge of losing another tooth - this time a top front one. It's so loose it's actually hanging lower than the one next to it. And he had some adventures at the doctor this week. Before refilling his nasal spray prescription for allergies, the doctor decided she wanted to send him for some allergy testing. So he will have a blood screening test done on Monday. When we get the results we'll know if his allergies are severe enough to warrant a trip to an allergist for more extensive testing. Friday night basketball went very well for Parker.

Wesley has been having lots of fun this summer too. One afternoon at Carousel this week his class was finger painting a giant, 18 foot, paper crocodile on the floor; you have to be creative when it rains during afternoon playground time! We went bowling this Thursday evening and Wesley did great. He bowled a 60 and a 104 respectively. He was beating the young lady next to us who contemplated copying his style! (Mommy and Daddy didn't do too shabby either - Mommy's high game was 177 and Daddy's was a whopping 200). Friday morning we spent hanging out in downtown Ocala with Cindi With An Eye to get some family pictures taken. Mommy won the photo shoot at Cindi's studio birthday party in the early spring. Miss Cindi was joking around in front of this dark brown wall that it was a "chocolate wall" and someone should lick it.....guess who took her up on it!

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