Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Weekend

It's been a rough week for Daddy. He had three people die at the church and this weekend he had two funerals to conduct - one on Saturday and one on Sunday afternoon.

The funeral on Saturday also meant that he missed our long-planned trip with our friends, the Sanders, to Rainbow River in Dunnellon to go tubing. The rest of us headed out about 8:45am on Saturday morning. Unfortunately, when we arrived at the KP Hole County Park it was full and closed. So we headed over to the State Park tubing entrance to find the same result. After some driving around to locate a bathroom for the munchkins and Chris doing some research on his phone, we headed to a different entrance of the Rainbow Springs State Park to go swim in the springs. It was hot outside (over 100) and the icy water felt so good! We spent a couple of hours hanging out there before heading home and getting lunch at Five Guys. Later when Daddy got home, Wesley helped him out in the yard. Last week Daryl had cut down several large branches off the oak tree in the back yard and he worked on getting them cut up into smaller pieces and hauling them around front for the yard waste collection.

On Sunday Mommy and Daddy switched pulpits because it was the Fifth Sunday, each preaching at the other's church. Things went very well for both of us in worship. Then in the afternoon while Daddy was conducting his other funeral, Mommy and the boys headed out to the YMCA. The boys played in the child development area with some of their friends while Mommy worked out for a while. The rest of the afternoon and evening was thankfully just low-key at home.

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