Monday, August 29, 2011

A "Little" Modification

We've accomplished a few little modifications around the house in the last two weeks. It required two trips to IKEA in Orlando (triplecheck the woodstain color you need before you buy!) and included a new desk and printer stand for Daddy in the family room and six new chairs, a china cabinet and a buffet table for the dining room (every piece lovingly assembled by Daddy). It also required several trips to Lowe's and a day-long visit from Granddaddy and Grandmommy last Friday to install all of the new baseboard, wainscoting and chair rail in the dining room. Then Mommy and Daddy had to paint the dining room, top and bottom again, and change out some fixtures on the walls.

Here's the family room with the desk before:

And here's the family room with the new desk now:

And some great stadium pictures we picked up on vacation for Daddy (Bucs Superbowl on top; Tebow's last home game below)....

Here's the dining room when we first moved in with our oak table, chairs and china cabinet:

Here's the dining room with the new table and white end chairs we bought last fall:

A few process pictures:

And the finished dining room ready to go! We're very, very happy with the result!

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