Friday, August 5, 2011

Soccer Camp

This week Parker attended soccer camp at the YMCA. His coaches were two Dutch men, Frits Vermeulen and Herman Schonewille, who have coaching credentials from the European Union's Football Association. Despite the incredible heat, Parker and the other kids had a great time playing soccer this week. On Friday afternoon, they put on a World Cup Series of soccer games and invited parents to watch. Parker played on the Spain team and played against Germany, USA, and the Netherlands. They lost one time and tied the other two times.

Afterwards the kids enjoyed a ton of snacks and Coach Frits handed out the "report cards" on skills and attitude to all of the younger campers while Coach Herman attended to the older kids.

Finally they took a big group picture out on the lawn. The guys in orange are the Dutch coaches; the other four are local high school students who spent their entire week volunteering at camp.

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