Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day Fun

We decided to use our passes and spend the day at Sea World today. We got up and got ready and made it into the park by 11am. The first order of the day? The 11:30am Shamu show. This was the highlight of Wesley's day. He has been asking for several weeks to come back and see Shamu. He sat mesmerized by the new "One Ocean" show. Parker spent part of the time studying the map planning our next moves.

The next stop was to feed the sea lions before the Clyde and Seamore show. The boys loved feeding the animals - that was one of Parker's highlights for the day. This trio of sea lions scarfed all the boys' fish down.

The walrus is always a big hit at the end of Clyde and Seamore Take Pirate Island.

We also visited the sharks before heading to get some lunch. We ate at Voyager's and Wesley decided to open up a ketchup packet with his teeth.....

More collaborating over the map....

We rode the Skytower next and then hurried over to Wild Arctic before the rain storm hit. For once the polar bear was awake, even if he wasn't very active.

The boys had fun playing in the "abandoned" polar bear den.

Then we headed to Shamu's Happy Harbor. The nets and slides were closed because of the rain, so we started to ride the rides: Flying Fiddler, Swishy Fishies, Shamu Express coaster and the carousel. On a few of these the boys got to ride by themselves or Parker
got to ride in his own compartment.

Then it was time for the bribe. Wesley is finally tall enough to ride Journey to Atlantis, the water flume ride. So we wanted to go as a family. But Parker didn't want to and neither did Wesley really. So we promised ice cream after and off we went. We waited in line for about 30 minutes, got on the ride and did the whole dark inside part. Just as our boat when outside for the big drop, we realized it was pouring down rain again! We were completely drenched by the time we did all of the big outside drops in the rain! Thankfully the rain was done by the time we got off the ride. And as we were walking around at the end of the ride there were these big family dryers. We paid a couple of bucks and climbed in so that we wouldn't drip everywhere.

We did get the boys' their ice cream which they enjoyed very much. We made a stop at a souvenir shop and headed back to Happy Harbor for some more rides. Finally the nets and slides were open too so the boys played happily for a bit and then we finally left the park a little after 7:00pm to head home. It was a very fun and wonderful family day. The boys gave spontaneous thank you's several times for getting to go to the park and even included thank you's in their nighttime prayers!

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