Sunday, November 6, 2011

Block Party

Saturday afternoon was Druid Hills annual block party to say thank you to the community for their awesome response to Pumpkin Patch. It was a cold, cloudy day, but thankfully no rain!

Here's Miss Libby with her friends Abby the dog and Nicky the bird.

A llama and an alpaca!

This was Wesley's favorite thing to do and where he spent the majority of his time.

This was Parker's favorite - that kid loves a bounce house!

The police department was there along with the fire department. That's the cake walk booth under the tent and one of the many facepainters doing some awesome work.

Clowns doing balloon animals, face painting and hand stamping. The boys got an alligator and giraffe made just for them.

King Kong was out by the road to draw attention. The spinner ride is always a popular one with the kids and this year Wesley was big enough to ride.

The choo-choo train.

Later on in the day the most amazing thing happened. The boys have NEVER had their faces painted. We've offered, they have never wanted to do it. Wesley stood watching for quite a while today and then asked if he could. He chose a tiger face and sat perfectly still while she worked on him. He LOVED it and was heartbroken when we had to clean it off before bed.

Parker finally decided to get his face painted too right before we went home. He got the Harlequin clown face and was very pleased with the result.

It was an afternoon of lots of fun and thankfully we got to turn the clock back to recuperate from the whole day before Sunday morning!

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