Monday, November 21, 2011

Light Up Ocala

Saturday was a busy day besides the end of the boys' tee-ball season. It was also the day for our annual Light Up Ocala! event, in which Parker's Cub Scout Pack marches in the Junior Sunshine Parade. Here are the boys lining up before the parade began.

Along the parade of the groups walking was called ""

The boys marching along the route...Parker's in the center.

Heading past the Christmas tree in the downtown square.

Wesley checking out the parade...and the girls.....

Last but not least Santa came to town!

Play N Trade was one of the parade sponsors and they brought out Mario and Sonic the Hedgehog to march....the boys were excited to get their pictures with them after the parade was over.

We stayed around for a while downtown after the parade, checking out all the craft vendors, food stands and performance artists. We opted not to stand in the 2 hour line for the Ferris Wheel, instead promising the boys we would be back another night during the season to ride.

Billed as the "World's Largest Pinball machine" we paid to let the boys each take a turn - while they didn't win the grand prize they each won something.

These performance artists on the corner were AWESOME! They would stand still and when someone would stand next to them for a picture, they would move and somehow touch people.

Then we moved over to the "Soccer Collies" exhibit. They had four soccer goals setup and would allow three kids in front of each goal to try and stop the collies from scoring. Parker, who is typically scared of dogs, was eager to try and stayed in there for close to twenty minutes playing. Just about the time he was finished, Wesley decided to give it a try also. He didn't last as long as Bubba, but we are so proud of both of them for getting in there.

We were all pretty tired and the place was mobbed with people, so we cut out before the lighting of the tree (still 2 hours away) and headed home. We'll find a nice quiet night sometime soon to take the boys to see the lights, meet Santa and ride the ferris wheel.

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