Thursday, November 10, 2011

Turkeys for T-Shirts

Tonight Mommy and the boys stopped by the new Publix in town for an event called "Turkeys for T-shirts" sponsored by the Christian radio station that we listen to, the JoyFM. Today and tomorrow at locations all across the state, radio personalities are set up outside of Publix stores. You can either go inside and purchase a turkey or turn in a paper turkey (check for $10). Mommy asked the boys which they would rather do, because the line was about 30 people long outside Publix when we got there. Parker said that he would rather go in an buy the turkey than turn in a check. So Mommy took the boys inside and they each picked out a turkey in the meat department which we loaded up in the cart, paid for and then got back in the line outside to turn in. These turkeys benefited the local Salvation Army who will put them together in baskets for those in need. When we made it to the front of the line after about 15 minutes, Parker and Wesley helped load their turkeys into the special bins and they each received a JoyFM t-shirt for their donation. (Of course the only size they had were adults, so they have some nice sleep shirts!)

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