Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas Drive Thru

Thursday and Friday night our family was in the Christmas Drive Thru at Mommy's church in Belleview. Thursday night Daddy had Bible study so it was just Mommy and the boys.
Here we are getting ready to go out.

What do you mean no electronics outside? Hurry up and let's play while we can!

Parker was a shepherd in scene 5 and Mommy and Wesley were Mary and little boy Jesus in the last scene with the wisemen. Wesley's job was to build things with the blocks....and in between cars he took a picture of one of his creations.

Then on Friday night Daddy was able to join us. He was one of the wisemen in scene 6 and got to hang out with Mommy and Wesley the whole time. Here we are as a family just after the drive thru was done for the night.

We had a very good turn out both nights as far as traffic was concerned. So thankful for the beautiful weather!

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