Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Field Trip

Monday afternoon we planned to go to the library to return all of our books that were due. Until we got an email from the Scout troop that the night's meeting had been moved to the library. So we waited and went with the whole group.

The 2 Tiger dens and the Wolf den met in a special room with one of the librarians who helped them work on their Heritage badge. She talked about the differences of life in Ocala from the time of her grandparents to her parents to her generation and even now to her kids and grandkids. The boys also watched a short video on the history of Ocala and then did some research in library books for things that were different from the "olden days" until now. It was a really good group meeting and the boys had fun.

Our little guys managed to return their books and find several more to check out. One of the ones Parker wanted was in the young adult room on the other side of the library (39 Clues, book 2). In order to check that one out we had to upgrade his library card. He was very excited about getting a new one.

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