Thursday, March 29, 2012

Birthday Interview

This is Parker last Monday night at his Cub Scout Pack meeting. He received two belt loops (one for geography and one for collecting). He has eight others coming that were on back order!
Here's a new birthday tradition for interview with the birthday child.
So, what’s tomorrow? My birthday.
How old are you going to be? Eight
Do you feel older? Yes
Do you feel taller? Um, yeah.
What’s your favorite color? Aqua, mixture of my two favorites which are blue and green.
What's your favorite food to eat? Macaroni and cheese
What’s your favorite food to eat that Mommy makes? Macaroni and cheese with hot dogs!
Do you like to help me in the kitchen? Sometimes.
Have you received any birthday presents yet? Yeah I got five dollars in a birthday card from Daddy's church.
What was your favorite vacation our family took this year? Disney for the Jedi Training Academy and the Carnival Destiny ship.
What was the best part of the ship? Ice cream every night, pool, water slide
What’s your favorite thing to do? Play video games
How much do you love being a big brother? Love it except when Wesley aggravates me.

Tell me one thing that you love about your brother Wesley? How he likes to snuggle with me to watch TV or read a book.
How are you enjoying second grade? It's awesome.
What's your favorite subject at school? Math, FLAME (gifted) and PE
What do you think you’ll be when you’re older? Baseball player for the Rays
What college are you going to go to? UF or GA Tech (because they have the same mascot as my school).

What do you love about your Mom? That you tuck me in at night and read to me.
What do you love about your Dad? That he rides bikes with me to and from school everyday.
If you could do anything in the whole wide world on your birthday, what would it be? Go to Game Stop and buy every single video game in the store.

So there you have it right from the mouth of Parker.
Wishing our eldest son an incredibly happy 8th birthday and a spectacular year!

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