Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Spring Break - Day At Sea

Our second day on the Carnival Destiny was our day at sea for the week. We had breakfast on the Lido deck before taking the boys to Camp Carnival for the morning. The grownups took the opportunity to actually chill out in the room and take a nap - felt like we were playing hooky from the world! We picked the boys up in time for lunch. One of whom was a pirate!

We opted to do open seating in our dining room. But the boat was rocking pretty heavily and we all were feeling a little green. Unfortunately, Parker got sick in the room shortly after lunch. After a while when he felt better, we decided being up on deck might feel better. So we all changed clothes and went up for some sun and fun in the pool and on the slide for several hours.

Upon our return, we changed clothes for formal night and headed to the dining room. Wesley was completely wiped out after all the excitement of the day and fell asleep sitting up at dinner after the bread and before his appetizer had arrived.

The rocking of the boat got worse. When the appetizer showed up, Daryl decided to head back to the room. Wesley woke up after a while and had definitely caught his second wind. He joined in the dining room entertainment later when everyone waved their napkins around in the air.

After dinner, Debbie took the boys to get their portrait done since they were all spiffed up. Turned out pretty nice.

We caught the tail end of the first Vegas Style show in the Palladium Lounge, enough to convince Wesley he wanted to see the whole thing. So we got better seats in between shows and stayed for the whole second show. He loved the showgirls dancing around. Afterwards we went to get some more ice cream and finally met up with Daryl back in the room. That's where we found our second towel animal - this lovely elephant.

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