Sunday, March 25, 2012

St. Patrick's Day

Our St. Patrick's Day started out on the ballfield. It was Wesley's second tee-ball game of the season. The coach and assistant coach were away on spring break trips so Daryl was the coach for the day. He had a great assistant coach with him - Parker. They did great and had a wonderful time!

In the later afternoon we headed down to the Square for the Ocala St. Patrick's Day Festival. Our good friends, the Reverons from Hudson, were there with their art and photo booths. It's the first time we had seen Stacee and Errick since last year, and the first time we had seen their children Aydenn and Emma since we moved.

The boys had fun making sand art - Parker made an ink pen and Wesley made a Christmas tree.

The kids were slow to warm up to each other but eventually ended up running all around the sidewalks and booths doing races. It was really good to see the Reverons again!

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