Sunday, March 4, 2012

Zipping the Canyons - Part Two

This was the landing platform for our Prairie zip and a cool tree we saw along the hike to the next platform.

The 7th zip, No Return, went from a platform on one side of a canyon out to a three story tower. You zipped into the second story and then climbed up to the top for the next zip. There were no stairs to the ground on the tower, hence the point of no return.

The 8th zip was the longest, highest and fastest of the day called Speed Trap. This one was 1,100 feet long, 140 feet in the air and you went up to 45 mph. And it was all over water. Daryl was the first of the group to go after our guide Rob.

There was so much headwind Daryl came up about 10 feet short and had to perform a self-rescue bringing himself in backwards hand over hand. After that Misty gave everyone a big push off the platform as they zipped.

Debbie's turn.

Here's the landing platform for Speed Trap.

Then we walked over a huge rope bridge, called Skywalker's Bridge, which was our link to the very last zip.

Zip # 9 was called Mach 1 or Running Man because you run down the sloped platform to jump. Here we are heading up to the platform.

Looking back on the takeoff platform for #9.

There were no stairs at the end so we ended up rapelling off the last platform to the ground.

The whole tour took about 3 hours. It was an awesome experience, one that we would certainly love to do again (we also found out that they do night tours). The place was hopping with people - there were other tours out behind us and a ton of people in the main station when we got back. We're glad to see that they are getting so much business because we hope they stay around for a nice long time.

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