Saturday, April 28, 2012

Council Pinewood Derby

Today was the North Florida Council Cub Scout Pinewood Derby at the Jacksonville Baseball Grounds in downtown Jacksonville.

We used the trip up as a wonderful reason to visit our good friends the Wrights. They graciously opened up their home to us as a place to stay and hosted us for dinner last night and breakfast this morning. The boys had a blast playing together....(the big guys AND the little guys)... video games of all kinds abounded! When everyone finally crashed about midnight, Parker and Nicholas were out on the air mattress in the living room, Wesley had the top bunk in Nic's room and we had the bottom bunk with a full mattress.

This morning we got up and got ready to head downtown for the Derby. Tanya had to work, but Jonathan and Nicholas joined us. We were at the Baseball Grounds by 10am to checkin.

We got to watch some of the Bears race while we waited for our 11am start time. Then they got to work cleaning and checking the track over before the Wolves started to race.

Finally it was time to get down to business. There were 25 cars racing and each car raced 4 times, once in each lane of the track. The lowest time was thrown out and the top three were averaged. Top three finishers received a trophy and the top five finishers from each age level were invited to the championship race to be held at 1pm.
With a longer track than at Districts or the Pack races, the times were slower than we had seen so far. No one came in under 3 seconds in the Wolf group. Parker ended up coming in 16th out of 25 racers with an average time of 3.153.

All the cars on the bottom row were the top 5 finishers from throughout the morning's age level races. We were scoping out the winning shapes and designs for next year!

Before we left we got a few pictures at the Baseball grounds, especially the Jaguars stadium in the background.

Parker was a little disappointed not to place. To cheer him up and in order to have some more fun with our friends, we headed out to Dave and Buster's for lunch and some video games. Our boys had never been to one before but they had a lot of great time!

We took Jonathan and Nicholas home and let the boys play some more video games in the man cave before we hit the road.

It turned out to be a really great weekend! So thankful for good friends and their hospitality and support.

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