Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Easter Sunday Celebration

So we're a little behind in catching up the blog. Shall we start with Easter? That particular Sunday involved four worship services between the grownups in the family, one pancake breakfast, two Easter Egg hunts and a fellowship lunch.....and that was all before 1pm!

Here's a picture of the boys at Belleview UMC outside the sanctuary with the Easter cross.

Our family picture inside the Fellowship Hall at Druid Hills UMC.

And the boys with the Reids' granddaughters, Shelby and Abby.

Then we drove home to Seffner to celebrate Easter with the family there (as well as Parker's birthday, which is another post). After a fabulous lunch, the kids got to go hunt Easter eggs.

Debbie and these guys here hid all the eggs. There is still 1 unaccounted for!

The kids had a great time hunting for their dozen eggs each. Each kid was only allowed to collect two of the yellow eggs as those eggs had 50 cents each in them.

Grandmommy's Easter candy flowers.

The kids opening their Easter bags from Grandmommy and Granddaddy. All of the kids dove in except Wesley. He waited until he had opened every egg from the egg hunt and laid them all out with the prizes for a picture before he would even open his bag.

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