Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day

After all of our respective church services at Belleview and Druid Hills, we went back to Seffner this afternoon. We had a lovely lunch and time visiting with all of Daryl's family. The boys got to hand out their school pictures to Grannie and Grandmommy as well as all of the things that they had handmade for them in school.

This was my package

Inside was a homemade card, original poem and a craft from Parker....a small book, an M&M game and homemade windchime from Wesley he made at school...and a beautiful card from my husband (and boys) with a gift certificate for a massage. What lovely presents from my guys. 

Then we traveled in the evening up to see Grandma at the rehab center. She made it back there last night finally from the hospital. She was looking well and in good spirits and we gave her all of her Mother's Day presents including from some homemade stuff from the boys....Wesley made her a paper airplane and Parker colored her a paper fan....that last one she was pretty excited about as her new room seems to be on the warm side! 

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