Monday, June 18, 2012

Daryl's Ordination Party

After worship on Sunday June 17th (Father's Day), the Druid Hills congregation threw Daryl a HUGE ordination party in the Fellowship Hall. They took everyone's pictures from Friday night and put them together on a slideshow that they projected behind the food tables.

They had a special photograph table as well - pictures printed out and put into an album as well as enlargements framed on the table for us to take home.

Some of the guests at the luncheon. 

Dave Palmer - Daryl's chair of Finance - served as Master of Ceremonies for the event. Daryl had a special chair to sit in as different people got up to share. These included Melva Sanon, the chair of Church Council; Lenny Shank, the chair of SPR, who presented Daryl with the church gift of a stole; Ann McMurrer, Lay Leader; Ruth Griffith, chair of Trustees; Thelma Shirbaugh, chair of Worship; Terri Silvola-Finch, chair of Missions; and Carole Newlin, Daryl's administrative assistant and the church's lay delegate. Then it was Daryl's turn for a "rebuttal" as Dave called it!

Daryl with his cake. 

Daryl with the Reids. 

Daryl with the Reids' grandson Adam. 

Daryl with the Palmers. 

It was a really special afternoon of celebration for Daryl. So many nice things were said and shared. It was unbelievable to feel the love and support in that room.

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