Sunday, June 3, 2012

Grandma Update

Last week the whole family drove to Seffner on Wednesday afternoon. The boys hung out with Uncle Daniel's family while Debbie and Daryl took Grandma to Moffitt in Tampa to meet with her oncologist for the first time. Dr. Han gave us the results of the PET scan from last week which showed the cancer has spread into a lot of her bones. Because of the blood clots Grandma has, she is not a candidate for chemo or surgery at this time. So our only option is a combination of a daily pill designed to shut down the hormones that the cancer is feeding on, combined with a monthly shot to build up bone strength. She will be on this regimen for three months and then repeat her scans to see how her cancer is responding. Dr. Han has had some good success with this drug combo and so we are hopeful that this will help. Grandma also had some more blood work and an X-ray while we were there. By the time we got her back to the rehab center, ate dinner with Daryl's family and got back to Ocala, it was plenty late. This was the scene in our living room on Thursday morning......Debbie woke the boys up, got them dressed and when she came to get them for breakfast, they were sound asleep again!

In the meantime, Grandma came home from the rehab center on Friday and tomorrow, she and Debbie will head back to Moffitt for her first monthly injection as well as a meeting with a bone cancer specialist. We appreciate your continued prayers and support for Grandma.

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