Saturday, July 14, 2012

Relaxing on the River

Today we went on a little adventure down the Rainbow River. Only there were six of us....Daryl, Debbie, Parker, Wesley plus two teenage boys...our nephew Micah and family friend Adam. Adam is down visiting his grandparents for the summer and Micah is hanging out at our house for the weekend in between Scout camp in Jacksonville and church camp in Leesburg on Monday.

There's so much "coolness" in this picture, it came out blurry! 

We tried out the new shorter tube run from Rainbow Springs State Park. You park your car, pay $10 for a tube, ride the tram up to the drop in spot, then float two hours down the river back to lot where you left your car. It rained briefly while we were waiting on tubes and when we first got into the river. Wesley decided he was NOT sitting in a tube by himself, so he ended up riding with Daryl and the grownups used the tube as a footrest.We hit another spot on the river where it poured down rain for about five minutes solid, but after that the skies cleared up and it was smooth sailing. The teenagers had fun swimming in the river as well as floating in the tubes and also with a crazy competition to see who  could stand up on their tube the longest (Micah won).

We got home a little after six and while the boys played videogames, the grownups made tacos. Aunt Eunice came over and joined us for dinner too. We followed up the tacos with brownie sundaes for dessert!!!

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