Sunday, August 26, 2012

First Week of VPK

 Overall, Wesley seemed to do well with his first week of VPK. 

On Tuesday, he was a little less enthusiastic about getting ready for school, than the day before.
When pressed about it, we realized it was because Miss Louisa was making him work. 
We told him that would have been the case no matter which VPK teacher he got! 
He seemed to get with the program after that. 

On Wednesday, he wore Daddy's cologne to school.
Not quite sure who that was for, but he smelled good. 
Thankfully Wesley does like to do homework. 
Each night we have to read for 5-10 minutes. 
Then Wesley colors in the corresponding spot on his reading log. 
He had some other homework over the course of the week....
the project that was most exciting was due on Friday. 

Introducing - the "ME" bag

Each child had to bring in 2-3 items that represented them and 
share about them during show-and-tell time. 

Wesley picked

1) his tee-ball trophy
2) his name bracelet with all the Sesame street characters he got at Sea World last year
3) a picture of him and Bubba playing mini-golf on the cruise ship this year
(he especially liked that the big giant slide was also in the picture)

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