Saturday, August 11, 2012

Our Little All Stars

Last night was the end of the basketball season for our family. 
The boys team pictures came in via mail as well.

Here's a few pictures from Wesley's game. He got the ball three times and made three baskets.



This was big brother hanging out during Wesley's game. 

And the little dude hanging out during Parker's game. 

Parker got the ball three times during his game as well and got off some good shots, 
however none of them connected for a basket. He did however get off a great basket during practice.  

Technically the season isn't over  until next Friday but we have other plans for the last day of summer, so one of the coaches made sure that the boys were able to receive their trophies a week early. In three seasons of basketball and one season of soccer, these are the first YMCA trophies the boys have received and they were very happy to add them to their trophy shelves.

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